Triumph Manufacturing LLC Tempe Arizona

Over 50 years of leadership driven though Swiss expertise and discipline………

Quality Assurance

Triumph Manufacturing, LLC understands that in the automotive industry, QUALITY must be the #1 priority. Employees are continually trained to maintain the highest level of safety and quality practices.  

In Process Inspection is key and the focus is reinforced by a hands on management philosophy. 

We have a complete range of meteorology and metallurgical equipment that provides Triumph with the tools to ensure the highest precision quality for your products.

State of the art inspection equipment provides associates with the tools they need to ensure part quality!

  • 1 Tukon Micro Hardness Tester

  • 1 R.O.I. Vision System

  • 1 Zeiss Dura Max CMM

  • 1 Zeiss Surface Finish Analyzer

  • 1 Taylor-Hobson Talyrond 250

  • 1 Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • 1 Buehler Mount Equipment

  • 8 Baty International Optical Comparator

  • 1 Fluoroderm Plating Thickness Measurement

Our company has earned the following certifications:

ISO/IATF 16949 (ISO 9001)

ISO 14001